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MQM terrorists bite an overseas Pakistani professional

A letter by a Retired Canadian Pakistani Professional, living in Canada stung by terrorists from MQM

Subject: Pakistan - Epicenter of Terrorism, Tony Blair is helping

Dear Sir /Madam,
What is your reaction to the following ???
Quoting Pakistan's ex- Foreign Minister, Sardar Asif Ali, interviewed on CNBC, agreed with the subject. The matter of the subject is a hot
topic of discussion, on several print media and TV channels, in Pakistan and a matter of great concern to India and several other
countries, these days.

Parvez Musharraf, short of any other collaboration with a creditable political party, has taken Terrorist party Support and is willing to
pay any price to maintain his seat. The MQM Party is scaring, snaring and threatening to squeeze cash from the poorest of the businessmen -
the Street Vendor, shopkeeper, small to large industries, local or foreign investors, or who-so-ever they can nail down.
This money is forcefully taken in the name of Party Donation, major part of which is sent to Party Chairman who is sitting in England and
running a full fledged Secretariat, with the grace and blessings of British Government.

The people who are collecting this money are those who are officially appointed at all levels of Government Positions, particularly Municipal
Appointments. They personally go around, threaten people to pay or they do not hesitate to cause losses or even kill, if necessary, if the
party resists.

Isn't this terrorism?

Parvez Musharraf is keeping his eyes shut to these facts, while Tony Blair is watering the roots of this "Bean Stalk"!

Following are my personal experiences supporting the alarming developments taking place in Pakistan.
The losses I suffered through State appointed and Trained Terrorists
- so called Nazims (Translated as Managers, appointed as Mayors) in this case.

My name is irrelavant - I am a Retired Canadian Pakistani Professional, living in Canada for the last 40 years.

I do not belong to any Canadian or Pakistani Political Party (including Jama'at or MQM - if it is a political party, not a gang of

Pakistan being my birth place, I have worked on few short assignments in Pakistan, as consultant from Canada, such as:

(a) Management of USAID Project - Marine Environment Study for Ormara Port,
(b) Advisor to The Chief Minister of Baluchistan on Identification of Projects for Foreign Investors
(c) As CEO of Insecta Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. - a US JV Industry in Hub Industrial Estate,
(d) Etc;

This time, when I retired, I decided to invest my hard earned, life time savings, in Pakistan on my own project to relax and enjoy my old
age in my old country.

I started Family Recreation Park in Block "A" North Nazimabad,where I lived and I was brought up. Permit for this park was granted,
by The last Nazim (the regional mayor- who happened to belong to Jamiat Political Party) of Town Municipal Administration of North Nazimabad
region of Greater Karachi Municipal Corporation.

Issuance of this permit took almost 2 years of professional negotiations, without any mention of, so called Party Donation or an
indication of bribe from either side, which impressed me very much.

Consequently, I invested in Pakistan without any fear, not only in the development of this children's park on, literally, a garbage dump, in
Block "A", North Nazimabad, Karachi, but I had the encouragement of buying Farmland in Thatta, as well.

State Sponsored Terrorism - Personal Experiences

Experience 1
Later when new MQM management took over North Nazimambad Municipal Administration, Terrorist activities became so obvious.

The New MQM Nazim Raids The Park
One blue evening when our customers, including families and children were enjoying their visit to the park, the Respected New Nazim, Mr.

Without coming direct into the office and having the courtesy of talking out his problem, He started shouting and screaming Foul
Language, on lawns, scaring our customers, he kept on repeating awkward and offensive sentences and gazing at me with anger and threatening
look, he kept his offensive pitch, as if I have committed some kind of terrorist activity !!!!.

I tried to find out what was his concern?

He was screaming as if the permit for the park was not granted, or as if the construction and the park operation were without permit, or
illegal ?. The real cause, it seemed so obvious, was that I have not given my, so called, donations to "MQM Party"?
This was a money snatching exercise, executed as terrorist by a MQM Nazim, to please his Boss, sitting in London running a full fledged
party secretariat in London, on money collected through such terrorist activities, from poor Pakistani vendors.

By allowing and Sheltering such a remote command center in London for a Terrorist operation in Pakistan, British Government is equally guilty
in promoting Terrorism.

However, I told the invading Nazim, "Why don't you see your office files? There are 2 years of records of my negotiations for this permit,
with the last management, a copy of which is also with the Sind (provincial) Government, ministry of Municipalities.

When MQM Government took over the administration of Municipal Affairs,under instructions, Town Municipal Officer (TMO) had raided our office,
on a previous occasion, when I personally gave 2 sets of documents to the TMO.

The new management either intentionally had destroyed or moved our records, or, as I was told by TMO's office, the last management may
have stolen them, although I do not see any reason for them to do so.

In my opinion, this was a bunch of illiterate people running the show,who never bothered to look at the files!

Obviously, why should they? Their mission is to loot money through any and all means, including Terrorism and if necessary by killing!

National Interest is not in their Interest !!!

The process of park development took almost 2 years,

When TMO, initially raided the Park, his team asked a few silly questions, such as "Do I have The Permit?,
The Naib (Deputy) Nazim said, "The permit should have been only for the period of office of the last management, who gave me the permit
!", etc.
My response was "Why would I invest thousands of Dollars in your grounds without legal permit. Obviously, I do have the Permit. Why
don't you look into your files and review all the documents on this case, before asking these questions from me and putting yourself in
awkward position. You have walked into my office, as if a Pakistani traffic policeman stops a bike rider, on the road, asking if he has a
driving license?".

I told TMO, that I will come to his office next day, when I made 2 copies of all the documents and presented them to him, for them to
update their records.

So I told the Raiding Nazim that, "I have given 2 copies of files on this project to your TMO, please read them to update your information
on the project, If you have any problem write me a letter, so that I can redress your concerns".

I, further, indicated to him, "I have brought in Foreign Investment I have done favour to Pakistan and to North Nazimabad Township. I do not
want to scare my clients by exhibition of these terrorist activities on my Park"

He then started scaring tactics by pressing buttons on his mobile phone, which he had in his hand and telling me right in front of our
customers and threatened, saying,"I am calling the bulldozer, right now, to bulldoze all this construction !! and so on and on.

He kept insulting me in front of my employees and the regular visitors to The Park.

This offensive threat was reported to several Government Agencies,including President of Pakistan, Prime Minister's office, Overseas
Pakistani's Complaint Cell, as well as the Canadian Embassy.

The Nazim- Mr. Mumtaz Hameed, responded to inquiry letters from some of these agencies, with lies and concocted stories about us.

Neither the President's Office nor the PM's Office verified the facts nor did they bother to inform us of Nazim's response.

Doesn't this encourage Nazim to do more of such Terrorist activities? Because, now, Nazim, is encouraged that any right or wrong reply can
satisfy even the President of Pakistan and their own Party chief Altaf Hussain, "Why shouldn't I continue Terrorist Activity? It pays!".
It pays, not only to pile up his bank account, but more important, to keep his commander's secretariat running in London UK, which is a
safe haven for him to operate from

Threat to Kill
Messages have been conveyed to me, through various people that,"Here, in Pakistan, people are packed in Gunny Bags and dumped at
waste disposal sites or thrown in sea" and so on. I consider that a serious threat conveyed to me, by The Nazim.

Over the last 4 years of my efforts in acquiring this park, which was a garbage dump, I have invested close to 7 Million Rupees in cleaning,
Plantation of trees and grass and decorative plants, construction of playing areas and facilities, Construction of Offices and stores,
public washrooms, Installation of play facilities, hiring of Security,Maintenance and office management staff, paying of electricity bills,
developing water supply of our own from ground water resources, etc.

>From the starting date of the park, on our own initiative, we have been regularly paying rent as agreed per contract, until Nazim forbade his
office staff not to accept any rent from us, so that he can prove us to be defaulters, and make up a reason to oust us.

We tried all means to pay our rent after the payment of initial 9 months of rent.
Nazim did not issue a challan for us to pay rent nor did he issue any letter indicating our offence or breach of contractual terms of
agreement. Nor did he respond to our letters.

All of a sudden at the end of June 2006, Nazim, got a letter delivered to us at the park, indicating to cancel the permit, without identifying
any offence or breach of terms of agreement. The letter asked us to vacate the park next day!!

I was forced to sell the business, just for approximately 5% of my expected price.I had to act under pressure to save my life, for which threats had
started coming, one way or the other!!

Isn't this Terrorism. State sponsored Terrorism, Supported by Bureaucracy and the Government of Pakistan and by the Government of

Experience 2

Part of my Prime Highway Property in Gharo, District Thatta, has been taken over by Karachi Water Supply Board, without my permission without
any compensation negotiated with me. Isn't this "State Terrorism"?.

The Government of Pakistan is not only encouraging, it is in fact,training Terrorists, appointing them in various government positions,
particularly, Nazims , in exchange for the support in parliament to keep Parvez Musharraf in position.

The Chairman of Karachi Water Supply Board, also, happens to be the Nazim (Mayor) of Greater Karachi Municipality and belongs to MQM Party.

Apparently MQM party, it seems, have struck a deal with Parvez Musharraf and the PM of Pakistan, that, "MQM will support them and
provide a political clout and majority vote to let them rule, if they shut their eyes to what they do". MQM has to run its chief's office
overseas, i.e. in London UK with full secretariat operating there, with the so-called party donation money, which is either the stolen money
from the budget allocated by the government of Pakistan for development works under them or looted money acquired through threat collections
and terrorist activities from businesses, so-called party donations.The new owner, who took over my business, has paid cash in bribes to
keep the park going.This kind of scare tactics works for MQM Terrorists in Pakistan, who are terrorizing innocent people in Pakistan "To pay or face nightmare
of life!!! "

Tony Blair is a part of the support in creation of The Epicenter of Terrorism in Pakistan, by allowing MQM to establish their secretariat
operate out of UK.

If MQM is a political party Government of Pakistan has filed no Suit against the party or its head. Why can't Mr. Altaf Hussain operate
his office out of Pakistan?

No wonder India and the rest of the world is concerned that, "Pakistan is the Epicenter of terrorists"

Experience 3
I have some Farmland in Taluka Mirpur Sakro. The Nazim of the Area, who is from Malkani Family, has his brother-in-law, who is recently
released from jail, threatened me to employ him as security guard for Rupees 10,000 per month, otherwise he will not let my workers work on
the land and I should be ready to face consequences.As an example of show of his might, he has already destroyed a very
expensive Hut built on my property.

Three experiences by the same person and the acts of Terrorism, by the same positions in the government but at various locations, cannot be
mere, accidental.

Most likely, 99% of such acts of terrorism, by Positions of Government appointed Nazims, go un-reported because people sacrifice their
interests, through bribes and subordination, as the price of doing business.

They do not have the resources, nor the time to confront these Nazims in authority, in this corrupt society.

If they try to fight for their rights, chances are, they are not going to get any justice. On the contrary, more hawks will start hovering
over their heads, and if necessary they would be eliminated.

Isn't that like getting trapped in a jungle of lawless animals, where every animal of power tears apart the animal he sets his paw over.
Isn't this Terrorism?

No wonder the world has downgraded Pakistan to almost 100th position in terms of security.

Do you think, after loosing my 40 years of yearning love for Pakistan,loosing my lifetime earnings and shattering my dreams of retiring in
Pakistan, I came back to Canada with good wishes for Pakistan and I will put a good word to a potential Investors?. I wonder !!

Whether it is Parvez Musharraf, The Prime Minister, or a Pakistani Diplomat abroad, soliciting for investment in Pakistan, if I am in that
meeting, I shall narrate my experiences to make the environment for investment clear to potential investors, so that they do not loose
their shirts.

I also intend to send my story to the media in Europe and North America!!

If this is not terrorism, what is the terrorism then?

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