Saturday, September 6, 2008

Encroachments by terrorists from MQM Altaf

"let me paste a comment that i made earlier coz without it my next comment would be out of context

"Some one should ask criminal governor about the parks in Block D and Block J North Nazimabad illegally encroached and occupied by MQM’s goons.. Ishrat ibad,Ghauri and other MQM ministers bagged 4~6 plots each most of which they have disposed off while retaining the main road commercial plots.

this picture printed in Dawn newspaper clearly shows illegal construction underway on a public playground in Block D North Nazimabad on which Naimatullah khan’s city govt planned to construct a water park, but the current nazim Mustafa Kamal and mqm’s gangsters encroached and occupied the plot and erected boundary wall around the play ground and have started building houses..

source: Dawn metropolitan pg 19 Dated 6 june 2008"


"Now the fresh update about this issue is that MQM’s unit terrorists have occupied two more ground on the same road spread over many acres,out of nowhere boundary walls have been erected over night around these public parks and like those other parks here too they are busy cooking up something.These parks are located at the intersection of Shahra-e-NoorJehan and Shara-e-Jahangir,opposite Shipowners College. This road Shahra-e-NoorJehan was recently declared comercial and before it was declared comercial majority of plots and houses were procured by MQM’s murderer Governor Ishrat’s younger brother Israr Abad,now that they are all comercialized so their prices have multiplied many folds.

Another Park occupied in Block D North Nazimabad :

Park Block I North Nazimabad : "

"as for Nazim Karachi and his gang of goons they are messing up North Nazimabad bit by bit, they sold off road island(green area) to fast food chain(Pizza Hut) just opposite metric board office in Block A North Nazimabad,across the road in block B they’ve encroached and illegally occupied railway/bridge land on which construction of high rise(14 story) luxury apartment complex is underway in full swing as we speak,in block D and J they have encroached and occupied large public playgrounds and are busy constructing 80 yards houses,their modus operandi is quite simple,first they establish a small illegal 1 room unit office on the land they plan to occupy if any one raises an eyebrow or points finger is threatened and silenced and once the matter is hushed up they occupy the plot completely.. all of mqm’s unit offices are on illegally occupied encroached land. you have mentioned Asghar Ali Shah Stadium, Dr Mohammed Ali Shah have recently extended the exterior boundary walls of the stadium and illegally encroached and occupied the footpaths surrounding the stadium,

(*block J’s residents filed a case against Citygovt/mqm for illegally occupying and selling off their public playground but they were threatened with serious consequences if they continue to pursue the case and the matter is hushed up and the case is in limbo)


"Karachi Mass Transit Project is already jeopardized by MQM’s moneyman Babur Ghauri and his partners as he plans to build a 15 story luxury apartment building called "Saima Bridge View" on a portion of land reserved for Corridor-III of KMTP, Britisher Altaf bai would have not be objection either as he must be getting his share in advance…

Mass transit plan jeopardized by KBCA/MQM
Railway Land encroached by MQM


Last time i passed over that bridge it was quite obvious that construction continues in full swing and parking floors have been constructed and prospect of a full-fledged Mass Transit and Circular railway project for this area seem to have been jeopardized by these greedy terrorist hiding in MQM’s International Secretariat in London.

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