Sunday, September 21, 2008

Altaf and his criminal gang

My comment in response to tzaidi on a post @KMB about Altaf bai's birthday

d0ct0r on September 20th, 2008 @ 9:51 pm
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Mr T

It seems you’re a knucklehead just like the original Mr Tee character,i am talking about term Kharji and you are talking about sect Kharji , it just shows that instead of reading the comment properly you just rush to respond..

for the mentally challenged ones i have highlighted the term and its meaning..
Urdu words:
Wazarut-e-Kharja = Foreign Ministry
Kharjee Amoor = External/Foreign Affairs

You ask me to leave Karachi,i simply respond by saying that you better join your beloved Altaf bai and you get all sentimental? i don’t see anything wrong with my advice,is Altaf bai really that hideous that you find my suggestion detestable?

After all i have heard MQM zealots singing Hum na houn gay humaray ba`ad humara Quaid ho ga

what you mean by Altaf Bhai’s criminal gang

MQM’s foot soldiers like the ones that were responsible for 12th may and 9th April carnage,now don’t tell me you want all MQM supporters or all karachiites blamed for those savage attacks? Neither the MQM’s voter nor the rest of Karachiites,Only Altaf bai and his criminal gang were responsible for those barbaric attacks..

you are criticizing all of Karachites

First of all, all of Karachites are NOT mqm supporters as i elaborated in my earlier comment,secondly i am NOT criticizing MQM’s supporters either as i just clarified ..

Lastly my grandparents migrated here as i have clarified earlier so cut that ‘we Mohajirs’ and ‘you anti muhajir’ crap at least while talking to me, you defending these criminal and even calling them muhajir is a disgrace for actual muhajirs like my grandparents..

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