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MQM's illegal encroachments in North Nazimabad

Basketball court sequestered from the residents of Block B North Nazimabad:

Letter to editor Dawn Newspaper (02/12/2007)

Unplanned construction

A 15-storeyed building is being erected on an open space just close to the right side of the Nazimabed Bridge road leading towards the Nagin Chowragi from Nazimabad. Keeping in view the growing population of motor vehicles in the city, the width of this bridge will have to be expanded in future. But, after the construction of this building so close, no space will be left for its expansion.

According to area residents, the ‘plot’ had always been an open area and it is said to be a disputed property. Several attempts had been made to construct a building on it in the past also, but failed.

But now a builder has managed to purchase/occupy it.

In front of the plot, ST-I, Block-B, North Nazimabad, there is a basketball court belonging to the city government, which has now been demolished to convert it into a ‘park’, exclusively for the residents of the building, which will have 208 luxury flats of four and five rooms.

The city government has allowed the builder to develop the park at its own cost in order to lure the prospective buyers by offering them an ‘additional recreation facility’. But the builder will not be responsible for its future maintenance.

According to a sportsman, this is one of the three basketball courts in the city to which the general public has access.

In addition to flats, a showroom will be built on the ground floor and on one side of the plot several shops have also been planned to be constructed.

The builder has set up its office at the site and stared booking. Construction has yet to start because the project is in its initial stages.

It is the right time that the authorities concerned should stop construction of the building and restore the basketball court.



Pizza Hut North Nazimabad Block A

in north nazimabad block A just opposite secondary board’s office, city govt highups(MQM) have leased out a portion of park/green area on main road to Pizza Hut .

Old Pic Before Construction:

During Construction:(Photo Credit Dawn News)

Current Picture:

Parks Play Grounds encroached on Shara-e-Noor Jehan in Block D, I and J.

Some one should ask criminal governor about the parks in Block D and Block J North Nazimabad illegally encroached and occupied by MQM’s goons.. Ishrat ibad,Ghauri and other MQM ministers bagged 4~6 plots each most of which they have disposed off while retaining the main road commercial plots.

Construction Underway: (Photo Credit Dawn News)


this picture printed in Dawn newspaper clearly shows illegal construction underway on a public playground in Block D North Nazimabad on which Naimatullah khan’s city govt planned to construct a water park, but the current nazim Mustafa Kamal and mqm’s gangsters encroached and occupied the plot and erected boundary wall around the play ground and have started building houses..

source: Dawn metropolitan pg 19 Dated 6 june 2008

Encroached Playground in Block C and D:

Enchroached Ground in Block J North Nazimabad :

Fresh Update:

Now the fresh update about this issue is that MQM’s unit terrorists have occupied two more ground on the same road spread over many acres,out of nowhere boundary walls have been erected over night around these public parks and like those other parks here too they are busy cooking up something.These parks are located at the intersection of Shahra-e-NoorJehan and
Shara-e-Jahangir,opposite Shipowners College. This road Shahra-e-NoorJehan was recently declared comercial and before it was declared comercial majority of plots and houses were procured by MQM’s murderer Governor Ishrat’s younger brother Israr Abad,now that they are all comercialized so their prices have multiplied many folds.

2nd Park occupied in Block D North Nazimabad

Park encroached in Block I North Nazimabad :

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sohaib ul haq91 said...

well! what should i say? simply we cant live in anyway.and if someone starts trying to do some work for us we betrayed them.its not right thing.The role of media should be positive.please dont think that i am a supporter of mqm's governance but i talk neutrally.without any evidence how can we say that mqm or other etc are terrorists.these works are for us,for our own convinience.The money is not being spend on any other activities.Have you not seen the constructions?u haven't see nazim's initiatives.i m sorry to say but i think it is the media who is not discharging his duties in a correct manner and that is the problem why we are still here where we were yesterday............