Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zulfiqar Mirza's interview (after Mustafa Kamal's press conference) by SAMMA's Jasmine Manzoor which forced MQM to shut down tv cable around Karachi

After Mustafa Kamal's lies, Jasmine Manzoor's programme on Sammma in which she took Zulfiqar Mirza live on air but was taken offair and Karachi's cable operator via mass sms from Nine Zero were asked to shut down SAMMA tv. It remained off till next morning. Jasmine Manzoor mentioned MQM's shutting down Samma from cable during her programme and asked MQM to show some patience as she was about to take their(MQM's) version as well..

She talks about MQM cutting cable @ 3min 47 sec in following vid:

Zulfiqar Mirza Speaking Against MQM - Tonight with Jasmeen:

Part 1!






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