Sunday, August 21, 2011

MQM's Altaf Hussain or Hoggish Greedly? You decide

When ever i see this barrel-shaped absconding MQMized grand terrorist Altaf,it reminds me of villan chracter Hoggish Greedly from captain Planet cartoon series.. Altaf too devours Karachi's resources and leaves waste and death and destruction whenever he and MQM terrorists strikes..

Hoggish Greedly:
Profile: A villain of pig-like proportions, Hoggish Greedly lives to devour the Earth's natural resources. His love for overconsumption extends to every aspect of his behavior and is particularly evident in his "sloppy" eating habits.

Greedly goes after precious gems and minerals, noble forests, endangered species -- whatever will satiate his enormous appetite for any rare, nonrenewable resource. Wherever he strikes, Greedly leaves waste and destruction in his wake.

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