Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Tale of a New Animals’ Republic of Karaanchi

Big Hyena’s call for a French style revolution was different in context from other such clamors by various animal clans of the Jungle. He was a born revolutionary; A leader who did not look back when it came to implement decisions.

It all started when a small group of hyenas, suddenly started hunting for themselves. ‘Thoroughly atoned’, from their past sins which they were notorious for, such as influencing other animals’ spirits, rob graves, and steal livestock and children, etc, their leader Big Hyena started preaching unity amongst animals. Hyenas’ tilt towards the neighbouring rival Jungle, their ancestor’s homeland, had already become a non- issue.

One of the biggest assets that Big Hyena had was a devoted and committed workforce and army of volunteers who could not wait to kill any one on the call of their leader. Since the time of his coming in to power in a certain part of the Jungle, its civic life had undergone a transformation for the better. They widened the roads, built under and overhead bridges and removed encroachments.

Big Hyena talked of all animals combat with the land grabbers, the ruthless sugar mafia beasts, enriching themselves and depriving the ordinary animals of even their square meal. He tirelessly spoke about rights of the middle and lower sections of the Jungle’s population and aggressively opposed the aristocrats of the Jungle patriarchal systems running in their families to rule the jungle.

The sincerity of his words gradually achieved the support of a deprived animal population and even the intellectual classes of animals, resentful of the class-divide prevalent in their territory.

Big Hyena started dreaming of cataclysmic change like the French Revolution in the Jungle. For that phenomenal undertaking, the rest of the animals had to be mobilized as well. One could see the mammoth crowds in the Jungle, listening with devotion and abiding esteem, to their leader addressing them from the top branch of a far away dense Oak tree.

Gradually, the animals got ready to heed the thumping call of Big Hyena for a bloody revolution in order to destroy the odious system prevalent in for decades.

Upon the accomplishment of that first phase, came the onerous task of building a new egalitarian, democratic, prosperous, liberal, and stable Jungle.

The 10 Commandments were laws that were supposed to keep order and ensure elementary Animalism within the Jungle. The Commandments were designed to unite the animals together against the humans and prevent animals from the aristrocratic habits. The commandments were:

Whatever speaks Pashto is an enemy [with Punjabi, sindhi or balochi counting as pushto)
Whatever speaks Urdu is a friend.
Whatever eats naswar is an enemy.
Whatever eats gutka is a friend.
Taliban are our biggest enemy [whatever runs a rikshaw, bus, or a truck or owns a tea stall is a Taliban]
No animal shall keep weapons (except knives, guns, grenades. that are –by origin)
No animal shall wear a pagri [with ‘dhoti’and ajrak counting as pagri]
8. We shall eliminate the aristocratic and feudal classes (for instance, the tea stall owners with fair skin, the bus drivers, and the rikshaw drivers with a beard and the journalists speaking the truth)
9.No animal shall kill any other animal [ Animal see ‘Hyena’ except the bad hyena ‘H---qi, etc]
10A.ll animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

King Hyena, in his first address after a successful French-Style revolution in the Jungle, very righteously said

“Don’t decry fanatics. If I had not been a fanatic there would have never been the Animal’s Republic of Kiraaanch today”.

The End

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