Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crime Reduction on the cards for Karachi?(After the appointment of new IG Dr. Shoaib Suddle)

my comment in response to a comment made by @metropole on KMB's post

Crime Reduction on the cards for Karachi?

@Metropole wrote :"Guys, I have reported Teeth Maestro aka d0ct0r and Adnan Siddiqi for advocating murder in Karachi… "

Did you reported when Altaf bai's terrorists and MQM's footsoldiers murdered 50+ people on 12th may ?

Did you reported when MQM's arsonist burnt PIDC building twice on sundays?

Did you reported when MQM's terrorist beat women protesters outside press club and kidnapped/tortured journalists and protesters?*1*2*3

Did you reported when MQM's terrorist sent bullet filled envelopes to journalists to warn them not to write against MQM?*4*5*6

Did you reported when MQM's arsonists burnt Board of Revenue building at sindh Secretariat?*7

Did you reported when MQM's terrorist aid committee burnt and killed 10 people(7 burnt alive/3 shot dead) including 2 women ?*8

DID YOU? No you didn't...

you better start reporting.. i am simply advocating against brutal terrorists and arsonists, unless you are NOT one of them then you should not be feeling the heat..

*1 A repeat telecast of May 12

*2 Clash outside KPC leaves protesters injured

*3 Muttahida (MQM altaf bai) slammed over violence outside KPC

*4 12 journalists receive death threats from MQM

*5 Pakistani journalists receive bulletsthreat

*6 AFP and AP journalists are left envelopes with bullets

*7 Secretariat fire caused by arson, says report

*8 some of the events of 9 April arson and killings by MQM's terrorist were caught on cctv cameras(installed by ex Karachi bar president after MQM's mob had ransacked a plaque honouring CJ and lawyer movement outside KBA's office at citycourt some time back),so if ever an independent inquiry is initiated then those terrorist(we all already know who they are) can easily be nailed ..

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syed said...

doctor sahab read the mqm voting exposed by foreign analysts

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