Friday, April 18, 2008

Letter to the Editor (Dawn News )

Police flag march

THE metropolitan pages of Dawn (April 11) carry a photograph of ‘Flag march’ showing a big column of police vehicles boastfully passing through a thoroughfare. These flag marches are now common sight in our country.

Whenever some incidents of some serious proportion occurred, later on these marches are made to show their presence and raise the morale of forces, i.e. rangers and the police.

However, as a Pakistani I feel ashamed as these very forces are more often than not found missing. It happened on May 12, 2007 when on the roads of metropolis more than 50 innocent people were savagely killed in broad daylight, and this gory spectre was transmitted live by more than dozen local and foreign TV channels, just to stop the chief Justice of the country from addressing the Bar.

Where were these forces when on April 8 a former minister was beaten in Lahore and the very next day 11 people were brutally murdered, including six baked to death, with more than 50 vehicle torched in the business capital of Pakistan.

Had such incidents taken place in some other country, I am sure the law of the land would have taken its course and not only those involved in callous laxity taken to task but the families of victims would have been adequately compensated.

But alas in this land of pure those killed without any cause are forgotten in the expediencies of politics and those who were paid from public taxes to secure their lives and properties have the temerity to show their belated ‘raw-power’ on the road through flag marches. What a shame.

Port Coquitlam, BC

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